The Evolution Of Online Streaming Technology


Even while comparing a decade ago, the evolution in online streaming technology has not gone without notice. Streaming has been a stepping stone for content-sharing, advertisements, meetings, and providing rich information and communication. This has been witnessed since the pandemic struck, and everyone was forced to embrace streaming.

The evolution of online streaming technology has been more evident in the last decade, and a tonne of it has been evident over the last two years. There are new cutting-edge methods to reach out to people, and the improvements have been staggering to significant numbers.

With others still new to streaming, Crazystreamers has shared a detailed guide to help you start streaming easily. You will be in awe that streaming is not as complicated and does not need you to have top-notch devices or connectivity. We have all been involved in streaming at one point or another.

A brief study on the evolution of online streaming technology will go a long way in explaining what is happening in the streaming universe and what is in store in the near future. We will look at that from the near past on streaming and the various dimensions through whichstreaming could improve.

A Brief History of Streaming

Streaming started differently since audio and video streaming was first done differently under different companies. Starlight Network was the first pioneer of video streaming, whereas  Real Networks ushered audio streaming into existence. Even though this was in the early 1990s, developments have continuously been made to date.

Streaming became more widespread when it was finally available on mobile devices in the late 2000s. With the Invention of cellular networks, soon mobile apps were deployed to enable streaming. Applications such as YouTube became more widespread.

The cost and convenience of streaming over other means of accessing content was major factor in the demand for streaming services. With the changing environment developments, streaming sees different levels of programming and tools to enable streaming each day. These tools have topped the market over recent years.

With all the developments in streaming, everyone can now be part of streaming. The technology and tools promote accessibility and interactive platforms to suit everyone’s needs. Streaming will continue to be popular and a necessity at the end of it all. However, it could still use improvement in various dimensions.

1. The future of streaming

Streaming has become important in the daily life of viewers and marketers.  Content creators have a lifelong task to ensure the availability of content to fit everyone. With most people prefer video formats for passing on information, it does not go without saying that streaming is here to stay.

However, it is arguable to say that it has not yet achieved its full potential. Streaming has the possibility to solve market needs and play an informative role altogether. For streaming to be as effective, it has to undergo development in the following dimensions of streaming.

2. Improvement in Scale and Unification

Despite all the traffic in the streaming world, sadly, most of it is not even for premium content. Marketers then go ahead to squeeze all their advertisements on the platforms with the most traffic. It is evident that streaming platforms have to scale up their marketing to ensure even premium content has enough traffic to attract advertisers.

The alignment of content sold together goes a long way in choosing content to unify. Streamers have seen it twice to bring together all flavors of TV content in one sale as a move to improve flexibility. People tend to have a challenge in choosing what package suits them the most.

3. Targeting


Advertisers have difficulty selecting the best advertising platforms since there is no specific data on their audience’s preferred catalog. They mostly depend on TV publishers for that information but it seems it’s time for them to study their data dynamics and improve their audience-based targeting.

4. Quality

Fraudulent activities continue to affect marketers despite efforts to choose the most transparent platforms. They can still not validate the traffic a streaming site or platform claims to have. Marketers have more than once had numbers duped illegitimately in a move by advertisers to gain more. Is the quality going to get any better?

5. Trends in online streaming technology

With the positive evolution of online streaming technology, there have been many trends as the industry tries to get better. These trends have impacted the streaming world positively and it is probably time for you to hop on them too.

6. E-Commerce Streaming

Business sales are going to boom with this trend. It is designed to allow people to shop across the globe while watching live videos of products. This means that they do not actually have to be there. As sellers continue to advertise their products on mega-platforms, live streaming e-commerce will be the next big thing.

7. 4K and Virtual Reality

Quality improvement has mostly been on streaming movies, TV shows, and series but has been less focused on live events. With the 5G network ready to pop up streaming, it will soon be possible to stream up to 4K Quality streams on live events. Virtual reality streaming will also not be left behind since moves have already been made for its development.


Online streaming technology has had its struggles moving up. This has been seen by how it has utilized opportunities and how its development has been collective among different companies. A lot is still undeveloped in online streaming technology, and it is promising to see that it will keep growing. You can depend on online streaming to be a necessity in the next few years.


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