New owner takes reins of Port Sydney general store


David Schwartz is the friendly face behind David’s General Store in Port Sydney.

He took the business over in May 2022 and says he is truly amazed at the friendly vibes and welcoming people in the community.

“I didn’t even know where Port Sydney was,” said Schwartz. He said he checked out the area, particularly Mary Lake, and the general store when it was for sale, and liked the possibilities.

He’s added a pizza menu and said he uses top ingredients and is amazed at how good he’s getting at making those. “Who knew?” questioned Schwartz who said he retired from the fast-paced automotive parts industry and wanted to find something else to do, something he could put his name on and make his own.

“This store has a lot of history going as far back as 1911. Now we are the new owners. Since opening the store the town has embraced my store with tremendous support. I have added a lot of new product selections to complement the store and the needs of the town. Our Pizza is the talk of the county all made fresh here. Also we make baked goods like cookies, brownies, and now bagels. Our breakfast sandwiches are also turning heads especially when we put them on our bagels with local farmed eggs, real cheddar cheese and enough bacon to choke a pig lol,” wrote Schwartz in an email introducing himself. He’s also added smoked meat sandwiches.

Schwartz said he wants to focus on buying local ingredients. “We bring in a lot of local meats and local pierogies, we deal lots with locals… This is what my concept is: If I’m dealing with the locals, the locals will respect it and deal with me.”

Schwartz explained that he lives with his wife in Tiny Township. His wife works in Toronto and comes up on weekends and now they have a store in Port Sydney, which should make it interesting but he’s committed to making the business a success. “People need to see my face and feel my heart,” he said adding that he hopes to be the place where everybody knows your name.

David’s General Store is located at 653 Muskoka District Road 10 in beautiful Port Sydney.

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