How Do You Know If Your New Hire Is Worth Keeping?


Finding new people for your business is a long and tiring process. However, it’s important if you want to grow your company and nurture a positive company culture that can improve office productivity and also make your business more welcoming. So when it comes to gauging new hires, what kind of things should you look out for?

1. They’re always eager to learn more

A good hire is someone that is always eager to learn more and willing to adapt to your company’s workflow. If your new employee is always asking meaningful questions and they’re always eager to learn more about both their role and your company, then it’s usually a good sign. This shows that they’re proactive in their role, and it also helps you learn more about how they would react or perform in different workplace scenarios.

2. They’re fitting in with your company’s culture

And speaking of workplace scenarios, it’s a good idea to get an idea of how they fit within your company culture. If you find that they’re usually offended by in-office jokes or that they don’t really understand the way that your company works, then they might have a difficult time fitting in. It may take a few days or weeks for them to settle in, but when they have, you’ll get a better idea of if they’re a good fit for your business or not.

3. Your background check showed that they’re responsible

A background check is a great way to see if a new employee is responsible or not. This should ideally be checked before they even join you. A background check can reveal a lot of stuff, such as the standing on their driver’s license. This is important because a new study on the safest areas to drive showed that there are major differences in safe driving around the country. Someone with a good driver’s license in a dangerous city would mean that they’re extra responsible, whereas someone with a poor driver’s license in a bad neighborhood could raise some questions.

4. New ideas and suggestions are natural for them

If your new employee constantly makes new suggestions and gives good ideas, then it’s probably worth keeping them on. One of the hardest things for an employee to do is make suggestions and give ideas. Although it’s incredibly important and helpful when they do, many older or apathetic employees tend to avoid giving ideas and will just stagnate their growth in your business. If your employee makes a lot of suggestions and comments that are overall positive, then it’s usually a good sign.

5. They’ve become a vital part of the team in a short amount of time

vital part of the team

The goal of running a good team is to ensure that everyone is on the same page and knows how to communicate. If your new hire has already integrated themselves into your core team and has made themselves an invaluable person already, then it’s probably a good thing. If your new hire is failing to fit in and hasn’t found their place yet, then you might want to give them a hand to help them settle in and really show their colors.


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